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Metal 101

Types of Metals


Metals are as important as the gem itself. They accompany the piece to add integrity and style. The type of metal used to make the piece should be noted in the research process. Rings and bracelets are subject to everyday or consistent wear, therefore, it is important to focus on the type of metal that is used.


Gold has been a common component in jewelry for hundreds of years and continues to be a top seller, especially in diamond jewelry. The term Karat refers to the unit of measurement to determine the purity of gold. 24 Karat gold is pure gold, while other Karats indicate that it’s a mixture of gold and another metal alloy.

  • For example if something is 18 Karat, it’s 18 parts gold and six parts copper (or another metal in the mixture).

Pricing will be determined based on several factors including the Karat of the piece.

There also various types of gold available. The most popular types include:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold (popular for engagement rings and wedding bands)
  • Rose gold


Platinum is rare metal—30 times rarer than gold—with a silver sheen to it, which is comparable to the look of white gold. It is a durable option—that will never lose its color—for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Other Metals

Other forms of metal used in jewelry are:

  • Sterling silver
  • Tungsten carbide (common metal used for men’s wedding bands)
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium


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