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Watch Battery & Repair

In-store Watch Services

With nearly 20 years of experience of battery installation and watch band sizing adjustments, your timepiece is safe with Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers.  Most battery replacement and band adjustments are able to be serviced onsite while you wait.

Watch Battery Replacement – $12.99

Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers will provide your battery (lithium, cell or button), give the watch a visual inspection and install the new battery for only $12.99. Our batteries are guaranteed for 6 months to make sure you do not receive a dud. Today you can expect a watch battery to last 12 to 18 month before needing to be replaced again.


Available Upgrade Options:

Lifetime Guarantee Upgrade

Guarantee your battery for the life of the watch with the Lifetime Battery Guarantee.  Any time your watch battery dies, return to our store to have it replaced at no additional charge.  Each time you return for service you will receive a visual inspection of the watch, new battery (lithium, cell or button) and installation.

Moisture Protection and Cleaning Upgrade

Add moisture protection for only $5.00.  With any battery installation have moisture protection added by replacing your gasket.  This feature also includes external cleaning of the back, case and crystal.

Watch Band Adjustments

Watch band adjustments are $20.00 and come with a lifetime fit guarantee.

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