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Jewelry Appraisals

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Insurance Appraisals starting at $69.99

Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance purposes are the most common jewelry appraisal in Pittsburgh, Cranberry Twp. Gibsonia and Wexford, Pennsylvania.  Jewelry Appraisals our necessary because homeowner’s policies will only cover jewelry up to a certain limit, typically around $1,000, and only cover loss from theft.  Therefore, it is so important to have a jewelry appraisal with the proper value on all high value jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry.   With a Jewelry Appraisal from a qualified appraiser a rider can be added to your policy through your insurance agency. We offer the best most comprehensive jewelry appraisal in the Pittsburgh market to help protect your cherished jewelry.

With our comprehensive jewelry insurance appraisals in protects all parties involved.  It safeguards that the insurance company has an accurate value of your jewelry.  But more importantly it protects the jewelry owner by making sure in the event of a loss, theft or other incident, you get a fair settlement.  Without an appraisal, the insurance company can potentially pay out less than the replacement value of your jewelry.  Plus, an accurate jewelry insurance appraisal allows for claims to be paid more quickly and headache free.

The market values of jewelry, gold, platinum and diamonds are constantly changing. We suggest you have a jewelry insurance appraisal performed at least every three years to ensure your jewelry is adequately insured in the event of a loss.  However, most insurance companies require you update your appraisal every 2-5 years.


Professional jewelry appraisals include the following:

  • Detailed description of each item
  • Enlarged digital photograph of each item on the document
  • Metal content determination
  • Gemstone identification, grading, measurement and weight calculation/estimation
  • Verification of gemological laboratory reports whenever possible
  • Fully researched valuation at the appropriate market level
  • Identification of designer or manufacturer whenever possible
  • Complete professional cleaning and inspection of mounting


Appraisal Pricing

  • Single Item Appraisal $89.99
  • 2-4 Items $79.99
  • 5 or more items $69.99
  • Renewal Appraisal $49.99 each

*While you wait service is available of an additional $20.00


Appraisal for Legal Purposes ($150 per hour)


Estate Planning / Estate Appraisal

In estate planning or sometimes referred to as distribution, a deceased person personal property is being distributed amongst their heirs.  For example, one heir may receive jewelry, while another heir receives fine china, vehicles or real estate.  In these instances, it is important that the jewelry appraisal facilitates a fair division.  During the estate planning or estate appraisal fair market value (cost of purchasing similar items) for distribution is used. In other situations, an heir may be receiving jewelry while others are receiving cash or cash equivalents. In these instances, it might be preferable to distribute property according to its marketable cash value-actual cash in hand after selling costs.


Asset Distribution in Divorce Appraisal

Jewelry is a wonderful gift because it is very closely tied in to emotions.  Divorce is a difficult enough experience without the issue of fighting over the value of jewelry. Both parties are likely to have an inaccurate and possibly inflated impression of the current value of their jewelry. A divorce appraisal helps solve these issues.

Do not get an appraisal for divorce purposes until advised by your attorney. It is our recommendation that both parties hire the appraiser jointly to appraise both his and her jewelry. This ensure the same standard of measure is being used for jewelry.


Bankruptcy Appraisal

An appraiser is often times required when jewelry is part of a bankruptcy estate.  Bankruptcy Appraisals use fair market value. Fair market value is defined as the price that a willing buyer and willing seller agree upon.

The most common example of fair market value in Pittsburgh is the price that an item sells for at auction.  Almost always the selling price is below the retail price. Depending on the condition of the item and the desirability, the fair market value can be as low as the scrap value of the materials.


Tax Purposes Appraisal or Donation Appraisals

When high value jewelry is donated to charitable organization, the donator may what to first have the jewelry appraised for tax purposes. Fair market value is again used when reporting taxes.

If planning a donation or estate we always recommend seeking legal or profession guidance along with our appraisal services.


Jewelry Appraisal Service Area

  • Wexford
  • Bradford Woods
  • Franklin Park
  • McCandless Township
  • Pine Township
  • Marshall Township
  • Cranberry Township
  • Mars
  • Gibsonia
  • Warrendale
  • Seven Fields
  • Allison Park
  • Ross Township
  • Pittsburgh
  • North Pittsburgh
  • North Hills
  • Baden
  • Sewickley

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