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Jewelry Cleaning


Inspection and cleaning your jewelry is complimentary

Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning

Enjoy a free jewelry cleaning and inspection when you visit The Pine Tree Shoppes in Wexford, PA at Noah Gabriel and Co. Jewelers.  Whether you purchased your jewelry at Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers or another jeweler you will always receive first-class service.

Step 1: Inspection

Before cleaning Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers performs a visual and physical inspection of your jewelry.  Checking for loose diamonds or gemstones, as well as, wear and tear issues.  Any services needed will be suggested before cleaning starts.

Step 2: Gentle Scrubbing

After inspection, a gentle scrub of your jewelry is completed to start break loose the dirt and debris from your jewelry.  This will help the jewelry get cleaner during the following steps.

Step 3: Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Next, your jewelry will enjoy a bath in our ultra sonic cleaner.  The ultra sonic cleaner gently shakes loose dirt and debris through vibration in a specialty cleaner made specifically for jewelry.  Most of the cleaning takes place during this step.  After just a few minutes, your gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones start to have their sparkle return.

Step 4: Rinsing

Once removed from the ultra sonic cleaner, your jewelry is rinsed thoroughly in room temperature water to remove any remaining cleaner.  Rinsing also removes more dirt and debris.

Step 5: Steaming

The finishing touch is a steam bath.  During this step your jewelry is place under a high temperature and pressure steam.  The steam dries your jewelry and removes dirt and debris from the hard to get to places.  The Steaming helps give that extra sparkle to your diamonds and gemstones.

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