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The Story of

Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers

Christopher Sarich, the founder of Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers began his career as a sales associate at a local jewelry chain. Through hard work and a passion for the business, he rose to become the head of the merchandising and marketing departments. As his career advanced, Christopher fell more and more in love with the moments that a jewelry purchase creates, and he felt honored to be part of his customers’ most cherished memories. His love for creating moments and memories fueled his desire to open his own store. Through the support of his wife and family, Christopher achieved this dream in 2016.

Throughout his entire career, Christopher has focused on the customer, and Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers is a store that truly puts people first. Buying jewelry is an extremely personal purchase. Whether the item commemorates a milestone event like a wedding or anniversary, a gift to say, “I love you,” or a gift for oneself, jewelry is an instant heirloom. It tells the story of a person; of a family. And Christopher wanted a store that would reflect the magnitude of the jewelry-buying event.

His dream was to create a jewelry store with the class, quality and exceptional service of the world’s most exclusive stores, with the personal touch of a local jeweler.

Christopher—and the entire team—invites you to share in the unique experience of shopping with Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers, and we hope that the relationship built will last for generations—just like your new jewelry.

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