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About Officina Bernardi

In 2007 Carlo and Francesco Bernardi launched the cutting-edge jewelry brand Officina Bernardi. They brought together experts in design, engineering, marketing and communication to develop a refined and globally appealing Italian manufacturing process. Officina Bernardi jewelry is made from start to finish in Italy. Industrial innovation, Italian vision, elegant designs, and a deep relation with the local tradition are the brand fundamentals.

The symbol of the Officina Bernardi brand identity is a small gold and silver bead, representative of the moon, manufactured with exclusive technologies and high-precision methods developed by Chrysos.  Its special moon diamond cutting technique has a unique, changing and infinitive brightness with refractions, enhanced by a hand finishing process. The Moon bead is the essence of Officina Bernardi jewelry and the brand’s unique brightness.



Pure shapes, authentic Italian style and local inspiration, such as Venice and the Palladian architecture, loved by Carlo and Francesco, are seen throughout the designs. Through travel, they discovered new landscapes, images and shapes that inspired their goals. Officina Bernardi jewelry is elegant, beautiful, timeless, and inspired by various elements. They are designed for modern, independent, working, active women, who choose their accessories to feel beautiful and express themselves.

The Moon bead is like a piece of an infinitive mosaic, the consistent element of the Officina Bernardi classic collection, with its different colors and dimensions.

In the latest collections, the Officina Bernardi designs are manufactured with laser, milling, and casting processes and are enriched by the Moon beads combined with other diamond cut beads: Slash, Mimas, and Jianzhi, that create infinite reflections and a unique brightness and sparkle. Officina Bernardi is focusing on design research, new vernaculars, and avant-garde collections where the Moon is combined with natural pearls, enamels and precious stones.

Customer Care

Customer care is an essential element of the entrepreneurial approach of Officina Bernardi. The aim is to offer not only assistance, but true support and information to all its customers, from distributors to retailers to retail customers, according to their specific needs and cultural and geographical differences.

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