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Taking Care

Jewelry Care Tips


The perfect piece requires particular care. Now that you have memories associated with your most recent purchase, it is crucial that you protect those memories by taking the proper precautions.


Before dressing in jewelry, apply lotions, perfumes or any other substances that may cause buildup. After each use, gently wipe the piece with a soft clean cloth and place it in a fabric lined box, preferably the one that came with its purchase.


Avoid wearing your jewelry when performing physical activities such as gardening, exercise and/or housekeeping (Exposing your jewelry to household cleaning products can cause discoloration and wear.).

Items should also never be worn while swimming, cleaning or during other activities that may cause harm to the piece.

Have Inspections Regularly Performed

In order to maintain its original integrity, it is best to have you jewelry inspected at least once a year. We, however, recommend every six months for optimal care and durability. We’re happy to clean your jewelry that was purchased from us or purchased somewhere else.

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